Fit Spline PropertyManager

To open the Fit Spline PropertyManager:

  1. In an open sketch, click Fit Spline Tool_Fit_Spline_Tools.gif (Spline Tools toolbar) or Tools > Spline Tools > Fit Spline.
  2. In the graphics area, click the sketch entities to fit to the spline.


Delete geometry Deletes the original sketch segments from the sketch. Otherwise, the segments remain as construction geometry separate from the spline. When cleared, you can select the Constrained, Unconstrained, or Fixed options.
Closed spline Creates a closed contour spline.
Constrained Parametrically links the fitted spline to the defining geometry.
Unconstrained Creates the fitted spline as the same shape as the original defining geometry but with no constraints. You can dimension, constrain, and drag the spline.
Fixed Creates the fitted spline as the same shape as defining geometry but it is fixed in space.
Undo Spline Restores a spline to its previous state by canceling the last operation.
Undo Spline is available only when you have multiple splines, click PM_pushpin.gif to pin down the PropertyManager, change one spline, and then click PM_OK.gif.
Edit Chaining Allows you to edit the chain of splines created. Editing applies only to the order of the non-contiguous spline elements, not the sketch entities. Click or to undo or redo the edits.


dim_unit_prec.png Tolerance Specifies the maximum deviation allowed from the original sketch segments. Use the thumbwheel to adjust the tolerance so you can see changes to the geometry in the graphics area.
  Actual Deviation Updates based on the Tolerance value and the geometry selected. This is automatically calculated.

Preview Options

Inflection points Displays all points where the concavity of the spline changes.
Minimum radius Displays the radial measurement of the curve with the smallest radius of the spline.
Curvature comb Displays the visual enhancement of the slope and curvature of most sketch entities.