OK Accepts the selection.
Cancel Cancels the selection and closes the SelectionManager.
Clear All Clears all items in the selection set being created or edited
Select Closed Loop Selects the entire closed loop when you select any segment of the closed loop. Closed loops are:
  • Closed contours (parametric selections in 2D and 3D sketches).
  • Surface loops (parametric selections around the perimeter of a surface).
Select Open Loop Selects all chained entities when you select one entity. Chained entities include parametric selections in 2D and 3D sketches.
Select Group Selects one or more individual entities. Selections can propagate to include tangent entities on both ends of a selected entity. Video: Selecting Tangent Entities with SelectionManager
Tool_Select_Region_SelectionManager.gif Select Region Selects parametric regions as currently available in 2D sketch when in Contour Selection mode.
Standard Selection Uses regular selection, the same as available when the SelectionManager is not activated.
  Auto-OK selections Available when the SelectionManager dialog box is pinned and you use closed loop, open loop, or region selection. Automatically accepts the selection and puts it in the selection list.