Sketching Partial Ellipses

You can create a partial ellipse (an elliptical arc) from a centerpoint, a start point, and an end point, similar to creating a centerpoint arc.

To create a partial ellipse:

  1. In an open sketch, click Partial Ellipse Tool_Partial_Ellipse_Sketch.gif on the Sketch toolbar, or click Tools > Sketch Entities > Partial Ellipse.
    The pointer changes to pointer_partial_ellipse.gif.
  2. Click in the graphics area to place the center of the ellipse.
  3. Drag and click to define one axis of the ellipse.
  4. Drag and click to define the second axis.
    The circumference guideline remains.
  5. Drag the pointer around the circumference to define the extent of the ellipse, then click to complete the ellipse.