Repairing Corrupted Files

The SOLIDWORKS software provides an option for repairing corrupted files. The auto repair function attempts to identify which segments are damaged from the corrupted files and removes them if possible.

When you encounter a file that is corrupted, a dialog box asks if you want to repair the file. If you answer Yes, the software automatically copies the corrupted file and attempts to repair the copied file rather than work on the original. If the copied file opens, the software notifies you that the repair is successful and reports which segment of the damaged file was removed and the impact that the segment has on the file. You can then save the repaired file if the result is acceptable.

Assemblies or drawings which reference damaged parts will open without the part files. To repair these files, you must open the parts in their own window. The original assembly or drawing remains unchanged by the repair process. After the repair, you can substitute the repaired files for the original damaged files.

If a file fails to open or the result is not acceptable, you should retrieve a recent back up of the file. If a back up is not available or if file damage is a repeated problem, contact your local support representative for assistance.