Custom Numeric Keypad

Touch gestures improve the user experience. The custom numeric keypad for a touch-enabled device makes it faster and easier to input values. The keypad is proportionate to the tool to maximize the visible area.

Previously you used the default operating system keypad that covered a large portion of the screen.

You can turn on touch mode by clicking View > Touch Mode. When you touch the numeric input field with your finger or stylus, the custom numeric keypad appears.

The numeric keypad has the following features:

  • The keypad gives you more screen space to view and proofread your work.
  • You can trigger the numeric keypad for all numeric input fields with spinner controls.
  • When you click the More Options button, it shows all the parameters associated with the field. For example, the Equation input fields have the following parameters:
    • Global Variables
    • Functions
    • File Properties
    • Units
  • Tapping anywhere outside the numeric keypad dismisses the keypad and accepts the new value.
    From the taskbar, you can turn on the built-in keypad to enter non-numeric values.