Import Simulation Study Features into Assemblies

When creating a new static study, you can copy simulation features defined on a part or sub-assembly document into the new study created on an assembly document.

To import study features in an assembly document:

  • Right-click the top study icon, in a static study PropertyManager, and select Import Study Features, or
  • When creating a new static study, in the Study PropertyManager, select Import Study Features.
In the Import Study Features dialog box, you can select from the Assembly Hierarchy the parts and sub-assemblies associated to the study features you want to import.
The simulation features you can import are material, element types, contact, connectors, fixtures, loads, and mesh control definitions from static studies. You can import all simulation features or select which features to import.
You cannot import study features from 2D Simplification studies (plane stress, plain strain, and axisymmetric).

For models that have multiple instances of parts or sub-assemblies, you can propagate the selected study features to all instances in the assembly (or part) document. Click Propagate imported study features to all instances (*).