Linear Pattern Enhancements

Use linear patterns to rotate pattern instances along a pattern direction.

You can rotate instances as follows:
  • Rotate instances based on an input value.
  • Rotate instances about a selected axis.
  • Align rotated instances to the seed instance.

To rotate a linear pattern along pattern Direction 1:

  1. Click Linear Component Pattern (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component Pattern > Linear Pattern.
  2. In the Components to Pattern section, add a component to pattern.
  3. In the PropertyManager, select options under Direction 1:
      Pattern Direction Defines the direction to extend the pattern. Select a linear edge or a linear dimension.
    Number of Instances Specifies the total number of instances including the seed components.
      Rotate instances Rotates the instances based on an input value around a selected axis.
      Axis of rotation Specifies the axis that the pattern rotates around. The axis must be parallel to Direction 1.
    Reverse Direction Reverses the direction of the rotation.
    Angle Specifies the angular increment for each pattern instance.
      Align to seed Aligns each instance to match the original alignment of the seed feature.
      Reference point Select a reference point:
    • Bounding box center
    • Component origin

    These options appear when you select Align to seed.

  4. Click .