Assembly Visualization Enhancements

The Assembly Visualization tool includes a set of predefined columns to help troubleshoot assembly performance. You can view the open and rebuild times for the components, and the total number of graphics triangles for all instances of components.

Other enhancements include the addition of a Performance Analysis button, and moving the buttons to the same line as the Filter field . An updated user interface improves the usability by using more readable text and icons.

To view Performance Analysis information:

  1. Click Assembly Visualization (Tools toolbar or Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > Evaluate > Assembly Visualization.
  2. On the Assembly Visualization tab , click the Performance Analysis button. You can also click the arrow to the right of the column headers and click Performance Analysis.
    The following columns appear:
    • File Name
    • Quantity
    • Total Graphics-Triangles
    • SW-Open Time
    • SW-Rebuild Time