Installing Temporary Licenses

The temporary "ANY" license can be used temporarily when the original SolidNetWork license is not available.

By installing the "ANY" license file, you agree to implement the traditional license upon receipt of a SolidNetWork license from Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation. Compliance with license restrictions still is required.

To install an "ANY" license:

  1. If you are an existing SolidNetWork user, uninstall the SolidNetWork License Manager and delete the installation folder. For details, see Uninstalling the SolidNetWork License Manager.
  2. Start SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager (as described under Initiating SOLIDWORKS Installation).
    1. For type of installation, select the following:
      • Server products
      • Install SolidNetWork License Manager (distributed licensing) on this computer.
    2. On the SolidNetWork License Manager Options page, specify the SolidNetWork License serial number and SolidNetWork License Manager installation location.
    3. On the Summary page, click Install Now to complete the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager process.
  3. Start SolidNetWork License Manager ( Start > Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SolidNetWork License Manager > SolidNetWork License Manager ).
  4. If you are prompted to activate, click No.
    The Server Administration tab of the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork License Manager appears.
  5. Under Advanced Options, click Options.
    The Advanced Options dialog box appears.
  6. Under SolidNetWork Server License Mode, click Use a License File and click OK.
    The Advanced Options dialog box closes.
  7. Under License Information, click Modify.
    The SolidNetWork License File Wizard appears.
  8. Under Server Type, select Single and click Next.
  9. When you see this message:
    Could not read the dongle ID number. click Cancel.
    The ID "ANY" appears automatically.
    If your computer uses a firewall, you might have to make some additional specifications on this screen. For more information, see Using SolidNetWork Licenses with Firewalls.
  10. Continue with the installation.