Installing from the Administrative Image Using the Command Line

You can deploy installations from an administrative image using the command line.

To install silently:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window (in Windows, click Start > Run.
  2. Type the msiexec.exe command with the /i and /qb switches and set the properties for any options that are not the default values as shown below.

    msiexec /i "64-bit_admin_image_path\SOLIDWORKS Explorer\SOLIDWORKS Explorer.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\your_folder /qb

Use the following examples as templates for silent installation.


  • SOLIDWORKS core (English)
  • Toolbox add-in
  • Participation in the feedback program
  • French language


msiexec /i "64-bit_admin_image_path\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS.Msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\your_folder" SOLIDWORKSSERIALNUMBER="xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx" ENABLEPERFORMANCE=1 OFFICEOPTION=3 ADDLOCAL=SolidWorks, SolidWorksToolbox /qb

The SOLIDWORKS French language installation component must be installed separately:

msiexec /i "64-bit_admin_image_path\SOLIDWORKS French\french.msi" /qb

When specifying SOLIDWORKS language component installation commands, do not specify command-line arguments.

eDrawings Client

  • Log performance
  • All features

msiexec /i "admin_image_path\eDrawings\eDrawings.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\your_folder" LOGPERFORMANCE=1 SNLSERVER=eDrawings_SNL_server TRANSFORMS=1040.mst ADDLOCAL=All /qb


Due to the technical complexity of installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical with Microsoft SQL Server, command line examples for SOLIDWORKS Electrical are excluded from the documentation.


msiexec /i “admin_image_path\SOLIDWORKS PCB.msi” ACTIVSERIALNUMBER=”1234123412341234ABCDEFGH” INSTALLDIR=”C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS PCB” /qb

SOLIDWORKS VIsualize and Visualize Boost

For SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

msiexec. /i “admin_image_path\SOLIDWORKS Visualize.msi” ACTIVSERIALNUMBER=”1234123412341234ABCDEFGH” INSTALLDIR=”C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Visualize” /qb

For SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost:

msiexec /i “admin_image_path\SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost.msi” ACTVISERIALNUMBER=”1234123412341234ABCDEFGH” INSTALLDIR=”C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost” /qb