Fully Define Sketch PropertyManager

Apply dimensions and relations calculated by the SOLIDWORKS application to fully define sketches or selected sketch entities.


To open the Fully Define Sketch PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Edit a sketch, and click Fully Define Sketch Tool_Fully_Define_Sketch_Dimensions_Relations.gif (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Fully Define Sketch.
  • Import a sketch from a .DXF or .DWG file drawing, and click Tools > Dimensions > Fully Define Sketch.

Entities to Fully Define

All entities in sketch Fully defines the sketch by applying combinations of relations and dimensions.
Selected entities Applies relations and dimensions only to specific sketch entities that you select for Entities to Fully Define.
Calculate Analyzes the sketch and generates the appropriate relations and dimensions.


Select Relations to Apply

Select All

Includes all relations in the results.

Deselect All

Omits all relations in the results.

Individual relations Include or exclude those relations from the results. For example:

horizontal.png Button Include horizontal relations

In some sketches only certain relations and dimensions can fully define the sketch. Limiting your selection may prevent the sketch from being fully defined.
In this sketch, no relations were allowed. It cannot be fully defined.


Horizontal Dimensions Scheme and Vertical Dimensions Scheme
  • Baseline dimensions
  • Ordinate dimensions
  • Chain dimensions
  • Datum for Horizontal dim_auto_datum_horiz.png (vertical model edge, model vertex, vertical line or point) and Vertical dim_auto_datum_vert.png (horizontal model edge, model vertex, horizontal line or point) dimensions.
Dimension placement Inserts the dimensions:
  • Above sketch or Below sketch
  • Right of sketch or Left of sketch
Baseline dimensions:
Ordinate dimensions: