Baseline Dimensions

Baseline dimensions are reference dimensions used in drawings. You cannot change their values or use the values to drive the model.

When creating baseline dimensions, you define a baseline position with the first selection and select subsequent locations to dimension. All values are measured from the initial baseline.

Baseline dimensions are automatically grouped, and they are spaced at the distances specified in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions under Offset distances.
You can also dimension to midpoints when you add baseline dimensions.

Creating Baseline Dimensions

To create a baseline dimension:

  1. Click Baseline Dimension Tool_Baseline_Dimensions_Relations.gif on the Dimensions/Relations toolbar, or click Tools > Dimensions > Baseline.
  2. Click the edge or vertex you want to use as a baseline.
  3. Click each of the edges or vertices you want to dimension.
    If you select an edge, dimensions are measured parallel to the selected edge. If you select a vertex, dimensions are measured point-to-point from the selected vertex.
    Edge as baseline
    Vertex as baseline

Adding Dimensions to Existing Baseline Dimensions

To add new dimensions to an existing set of baseline dimensions:

  1. Right-click on one of the existing baseline dimensions and click Add To Baseline.
    The cursor changes to pointer-baseline-dimension.png and the Baseline tool activates.
  2. Click new elements in the drawing view to add to the baseline dimensions.
    As you add new elements to the baseline, the set of baseline dimensions reorders to accommodate the additional dimensions.
    To specify spacing in baseline dimensions, use Tools > Options . On the Document Properties tab, click Dimensions and in Offset distances, set the spacing.

Auto Arranging Baseline Dimensions

To auto arrange baseline dimensions:

  1. Select the baseline dimensions.
  2. When the dimension palette rollover button appears, move the pointer over the button to view the dimension palette.
  3. On the dimension palette, click Auto Arrange Dimensions .