Setting the Manufacturing Options

Select the manufacturing process and the region where the part is manufactured.

  1. Under Manufacturing, use the Region drop-down list or click the map to select the region where the part is manufactured.
    Data is not available for all regions. Regions that contain data are highlighted when you hover over them.
    On each Sustainability map, Japan has its own region.

  2. If you are using full Sustainability, in the Built to last field, specify the length of time the part is expected to last.

    The Duration of Use value you enter later in the Environmental Impact dashboard is divided by the Built to last value to calculate how many parts are required for the length of time the product will be used. For example, if a part lasts one year and the product is used for four years, the part must be replaced four times.

    In SustainabilityXpress, the Built to last value defaults to 1 year and cannot be edited.

  3. In Process, select the manufacturing process to use.
    Availability depends on the selected material class.

    In SustainabilityXpress, the following values are shown for the process you select:

    • tool_sustainability_electricity.gif Total electricity usage
    • tool_sustainability_natural_gas.gif Total natural gas usage
    • tool_sustainability_scrap.gif Scrap rate (amount of the material discarded as scrap)

    In full Sustainability, editable fields let you change usage amounts if you have more precise values for your manufacturing process. To return to defaults, reselect the process.