Assembly Sequence PropertyManager

Tolerance Assembly

Base Part Defines the first DimXpert part in the simplified assembly. The base part selection is fixed and sets the origin of measurement for the evaluation. Example: Selecting the Base Part
When you select the base part:
  • The base part is given a designated color.
  • All neighboring DimXpert parts are made translucent.
  • All other parts are shown in wireframe.
Assembly before selection Assembly after selecting the base part
  Components and Sequence Defines the remaining parts in the simplified assembly. Select the parts in the order reflecting the actual or intended assembly processes. Example: Selecting the Part Order
  Neighbors Use this list as an alternative method for adding parts to the simplified assembly. The list includes parts neighboring the base part or pre-existing parts in the simplified assembly.

A neighbor is a part that has DimXpert data and whose bounding box overlaps that of another selected part in the simplified assembly. The two most common examples of neighbors are two coincident planes or a shaft passing through a bore with clearance.