Establishing the Measurement

The first step in creating a TolAnalyst study is to specify the measurement as a linear dimension between two DimXpert features.

This measurement is the overall length of the three-part assembly.

This measurement is the gap between a hole and a shaft.

You can define measurements between any of the following DimXpert features. When the selected features are a combination of plane, line, or axis types, they must be parallel to one another. Surface types require that you use an exact point.
  • Point types: Sphere, Intersect Point
  • Axis types: Boss, Cone, Cylinder, Simple Hole, Counterbore Hole, Countersink Hole, Slot
  • Line types: Intersect Line
  • Plane types: Notch, Plane, Width
  • Surface types: Surface

To define a measurement:

  1. Select faces of two features for Measure From and Measure To to establish the measurement.
    The selection of which feature is Measure From versus Measure To can affect the results. Example: Selecting Features to Measure
    A linear dimension appears in the graphics area.
  2. Click to place the dimension.
    The Message box turns from yellow to green, indicating the measurement is defined.
  3. Select the PropertyManager options as necessary.
  4. Click .