Example: Specifying Exact Points for Measurements

Select the Specify Exact Point option to control the location of the measurement taken for the Measure From and Measure To features.

Exact points override the default point selection, which is to select the point on the feature that produces the worst-case result, where the considered points are, for example:
  • The points along the boundary of a plane feature, which includes all vertices and sets of points along each boundary curve.
  • The axis endpoints of a hole type feature or the endpoints of an intersect line feature.
In this assembly, the vertical distance between the two bearing bores that anchor the shaft assembly must be within a specific range.
When you clear Specify Exact Point, you can define the measurement by selecting the top plane of the lower bearing bore for Measure From and the bottom plane of the upper bearing bore for Measure To.
When you select Specify Exact Point for Measure From and Measure To, you can select the points P1 and P2, which are the arc centers of the two bores.