Example: Selecting Features to Measure

When selecting the features for measurement, consider which feature is better suited or required by design constraints to be the origin feature (Measure From).

Selection order is especially important when you select Normal to Origin Feature in the Analysis Results PropertyManager under Analysis Parameters.

In this example, you create a study to determine the minimum result for the inside distance between the two vertical legs.
The only tolerances you apply are perpendicularity tolerances to the base.
These tolerances result in this worst case part.
When you evaluate the measurement along the X-axis, the minimum distance between the two sides is not dependent on the Measure From feature, which results in a distance of 34.
Select Normal to Origin Feature.

When you use the left leg for Measure From, the result is 34.8.

Note how the dimension rotates to be perpendicular to the Measure From feature.

When you use the right leg for Measure From, the result is 32.8.