Smart Dimension on the Context Toolbar

You can dimension certain entities from the Auto Insert Dimension tool on the context toolbar.

Previously, you could only pre-select entities and then use the Smart Dimension tool to dimension entities.
The Smart Dimension tool on the context menu no longer supports pre-selection. If you want to add a dimension to your selection, use the Auto Insert Dimension on the context menu.

The Auto Insert Dimension tool automatically inserts the most appropriate dimensions for sketch entities.

The entities supported by the dimensioning tools on the context menu are:
  • Line: Linear dimension
  • Arc: Radial dimension
  • Circle: Diameter dimension
  • Two lines at an angle: Angular dimension between entities
  • Two parallel lines: Linear dimension between entities
  • Arc or circle, and line: Linear dimension between line and center point
  • Point and line: Linear dimension between line and point
  • Arc or circle, and point: Linear dimension between point and center point
  • Arc/Arc or Circle/Circle or a combination thereof: Linear dimension between center points.