Other Enhancements for SOLIDWORKS Electrical

For additional information about these enhancements, see SOLIDWORKS Electrical Help.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical enhancements include:
Library Added fields for prefabricated cable lengths and manufacturer part data file link.
  • You can set the Manual mark mode as the default when using insert symbol.
  • You can edit the Automatic/Manual mark mode when you select multiple objects.
  • Renumber marks include harnesses.
  • In the file selector for outputs, you can filter on Opened drawings only to keep only the drawing opened by the current user.
  • Import DWG files can reconnect lines that are close to each other according to the offset distance you specify.
User interface
  • In Cross reference settings, you can set whether to use the cross reference limit defined in the title block.
  • When you update or replace a title block in a drawing, the Display Task dialog box lets you apply the changed title block to only the selected drawing or to all project schematics in the project that use the same title block.
  • More formulas are available on the Font tab for cable core and cable text to customize text displayed on drawings for Origin-Destination and Function/Location Outline.
Open and archive
  • The software retains the most recent file from each project. It reopens the last 2D or 3D file when you open a project.
  • In the archive environment, you can set an option to archive All projects.