Flattening Enhancements

Highlighting Route Segments of Selected Connectors

In the flattened state, you can view the connected routes and components of selected route segments as highlighted routes in the graphics area.

When you right-click these entities, the shortcut menu options available are:
  • Connectors: View Connected Segments.
  • Route segments: View Connected Connectors.

Flattening Support for Clips with Multiple Route Segments

In the flattened state, where multiple, disjointed routes are present, clips are visually associated with at least one route segment and placed parallel to the route segment.

Repositioning Disjointed Routes

You can manually drag route assemblies in the flattened state. Select Move Connected Route Segments from the shortcut menu.

Connector table enhancements:

  • You can view the following new options in the connector tables:
    • Connected to Reference
    • Connected to Pin
  • You can add new columns in the connector table from a central location.