SOLIDWORKS Part and Assembly Support

You can create complete inspection reports using existing SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files (*.sldprt and *.sldasm).

When you open a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly that contains 3D annotations or Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), you can create a new inspection project and extract all the information for the inspection checklist.

To create an inspection report from a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly:

  1. Click New Inspection Project (CommandManager).
  2. Select project settings and extraction settings.

Use the check boxes to set up the project. For example, you can include or exclude Dimensions, Notes, GD&Ts, and Hole Callouts, SOLIDWORKS Inspection then adds the balloons to the PMI. Quality inspectors can then refer to the inspection spreadsheet and the 3D model to understand which characteristics to inspect.

You can use either Automatic or Manual extraction mode.
The Inspection characteristics are listed in the Characteristic Tree. You can modify the properties of a characteristic to include additional information such as Operation, Classification, and Method of Inspection. Additionally, you can reorder them.

When the project is complete, you can generate:
  • Microsoft® Excel report
  • 2D PDF
  • 3D PDF (if SOLIDWORKS MBD is available)
  • eDrawings file