Bill of Materials

When you publish a model containing a bill of materials to 3D PDF, you can determine which columns to include.

To specify the columns in a bill of materials:

  1. In a model that contains a BOM, in the Publish to 3D PDF PropertyManager, click .
  2. Under Output BOM Table, in Column List, select the columns to include.
  3. To specify the number of columns to display in the 3D PDF, under Columns in grid, select the number of columns.
    For example, if you select 2 for Columns in grid and you select more than two in Column List, the 3D PDF displays the values of 2 columns in the BOM. When you select a BOM row, the remaining column values appear in the BOM.
  4. To display all of the BOM columns in the 3D PDF, select Show all columns in PDF.
  5. Set other options.
  6. Click .