Task Scheduler Supports Additional File Formats

The Task Scheduler imports and exports additional file formats.

The following tables list the different types of files you can import and export using the SOLIDWORKS software:

Formats for Import Extension
Parasolid .x_t; .x_b; .xmt_txt; .xmt_bin
IGES .igs; .iges
STEP .stp, .step
ACIS .sat
VDAFS .vda
SLDXML .sldlm
Rhino .3dm
For IGES, STEP, ACIS and SLDXML files, you have an option to run import diagnostics and to import multiple bodies as parts.
Formats for Export Extension
Parasolid .x_t, .x_b
ACIS .sat
VDAFS .vda
VRML .wrl
STL .stl
3D Manufacturing Format .3mf
Microsoft XAML .XAML
CATIA Graphics File .cgr
HCG .hcg

Certain file types have their own tab in the Task Scheduler where you can select more options for export.