Controlling Dismissed Messages

The Settings Administrator Tool lets you manage common dismissed messages by users.

When you run the Settings Administrator Tool, you can block users from dismissing messages by applying controls for Messages/Errors/Warnings. You can ensure that some error messages and warnings always display or never display. These settings are saved in the *.sldSettings file.

The Settings Administrator Tool was introduced in the previous release. Administrators can use the tool to set system options when deploying the SOLIDWORKS software. It is available when you install an Administrative Image and is stored in the following default location: C:\SolidWorksAdmin\SOLIDWORKS <version>\64bit\SOLIDWORKS\Program Files 64\SOLIDWORKS\sldSettingsAdmin.exe.

To enable control of dismissed messages:

  1. Launch the Settings Administrator Tool and in the System Options tab, click Messages/Errors/Warnings.
  2. Check Apply and optionally check Lock for the messages you want to manage.
  3. Set the message to Show or Don't Show.

    If you select Show, the message is removed from a user's dismissed message list, and displays to the user at the appropriate time. If you select Don't Show, the message is automatically added to a user's dismissed messages list, and does not display when the user is working on a model.

    This table describes the behavior in the software:
    Apply Lock Show Don't Show Behavior
    X   X   Force the message to show.
    X     X Dismisses the message and adds the message to the dismissed message list.
    X X X   Forces the message to show and disables the option to Don't show again in the message box.
    X X   X Dismisses the message and bars user from enabling it in Tools > Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings.
  4. When you choose Don't Show, you must also select a response to the silenced prompt. The response to a message might be OK, Yes, No, or a short text string.

Users can override locked settings if you supply them with a password. When users hover over a lock icon in Messages/Errors/Warnings, a dialog box prompts for a password. With this password, users can unlock a message, and remove or add a message from their dismissed messages list.