Feature Freeze Bar Works with All Folders

The Feature Freeze bar freezes all features above the bar in the FeatureManager design tree even when the features in a folder were not created in chronological order.

Previously, the freeze bar could not freeze features in a folder if it contained sketches or features that had been created later than entities below the freeze bar. For example, suppose your part document contains Sketch1 and Sketch2, and you create Boss-Extrude1 feature from Sketch2 and Boss-Extrude2 feature from Sketch1. Then you add Boss-Extrude1 feature into Folder1. If you moved the freeze bar below Folder1, the software would not let you position it there, because Folder1 contains Sketch2, which is listed before Sketch1, in the design tree.

Now when you drag the freeze bar to Folder1, the software prompts you with a warning and temporarily unabsorbs Sketch1, so that it can freeze Folder1, Boss-Extrude1, and Sketch2. This behavior is consistent with how the rollback bar works with absorbed features.

Another enhancement is that the Feature command displays when you right-click any feature in the FeatureManager design tree. It displays after the Delete command in the shortcut menu.