Installing SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional

SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional provides advanced data management tools to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

It offers capabilities for advanced version control, and for project, process, and item management. Interactive dashboards and reports help you track items, activities, and progress toward completing projects.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional has a similar architecture as SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. It uses a client-server architecture, with a Microsoft SQL Server database to manage item and project data.

There are three services for database, file server, and web server functions, which support both thick clients and web browser clients. The three services can be hosted on the same server or separate servers. Users with SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional Editor licenses can use a SOLIDWORKS Manage Add-in to access Manage data directly from within SOLIDWORKS.

You can use the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to install the SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional server and client.

For instructions on installing SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional, see the SOLIDWORKS PDM/SOLIDWORKS Manage Installation Guide.