Quality Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS PDM

You can open the search results from the embedded Windows Explorer search tool in Microsoft Excel or export them as a comma-separated value (.csv) file. The Open search result and Export search result commands are available on the Search toolbar. Click to export the search results as a comma-separated value (.csv) file. Click to open the search results in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You can copy links of files and paste them to notification messages to your colleagues. Right-click a file, select Copy Link, and paste the link in the new message. When you click the link, SOLIDWORKS PDM navigates you to the appropriate file in the vault.

In the Administrative Export File dialog box, you can expand or collapse specific nodes or all nodes. To expand or close all nodes, right-click a node or in the dialog box and select Expand All Nodes or Close All Nodes. When you remove the specific setting or variable, the expanded or collapsed structure is retained.

SOLIDWORKS PDM provides the _SW_Last_Saved_With_ variable that provides mapping between the Summary block name and Last Saved With attribute name for slddrw, sldasm, and sldprt files. SOLIDWORKS PDM updates the value of the variable whenever you check in a file. In the Administration tool, in the Customizable Columns dialog box, you can select this variable to add a column in the file list or search result for specific users. You cannot delete this variable.