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Use the following resources to learn about SOLIDWORKS:

What's New in PDF and HTML

This guide is available in PDF and HTML formats. Click:

  • Help > What's New > PDF
  • Help > What's New > HTML

Interactive What's New

In SOLIDWORKS, click the symbol to display the section of this manual that describes an enhancement. The symbol appears next to new menu items and the titles of new and changed PropertyManagers.

To enable Interactive What's New, click Help > What's New > Interactive.

What's New Examples

What's New Examples are updated at every major release to provide examples of how to use most top enhancements in the release.

To open What's New Examples click Help > What's New > What's New Examples.

Sample files

To open sample files for this book, go to system_dir:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2018\samples\whatsnew\chapter_name\file_name.

For example, C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2018\samples\whatsnew\sketching\Block.sldprt.

Online Help

Contains complete coverage of our products, including details about the user interface, samples, and examples.

Release Notes

Provides information about late changes to our products, including changes to the What's New book, online help, and other documentation.