Using Scheduled Offloaded Rendering

Use scheduled offloaded rendering to start the task in the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler at a later time, such as after business hours.

To use scheduled offloaded rendering:

  1. Click Schedule Render (Render Tools toolbar) or PhotoView 360 > Schedule Render.
  2. In the dialog box:
    1. Select Start Offloaded Rendering Now.
      Start Offloaded Rendering Now is not available if the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler is performing tasks, a rendering is already scheduled, or if a rendering is currently taking place.
    2. If there is already a task scheduled in the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler, select Start after Previous Task to put the task into the queue.
    3. Click Finish.
      SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler schedules the rendering. If the client is busy or unavailable when the render task is scheduled to start, the coordinator machine performs the render.