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The SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API:

  • Allows you to write applications that emulate file management tools to perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and copying SOLIDWORKS documents.
  • Is an independent software component that provides read-write functionality for SOLIDWORKS documents. It includes interfaces for the document and configurations. These interfaces have read-only and read-write properties and methods.

This SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API is COM-compliant and supports automation-compliant data types only. It allows you to develop your application without reading or writing binary data directly to the header portion of SOLIDWORKS files. In fact, it is not necessary to have the SOLIDWORKS software installed on your system to use this API. It is, however, necessary to obtain a license key for the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API.

NOTE: All of the sample code supplied is provided on an as-is basis and is only intended to demonstrate ways of using the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API. SOLIDWORKS makes no representations or warranties regarding these samples. Any licensed user of the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API is free to use any or all of these samples in connection with building applications related to SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API and is granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive license for these samples or parts thereof. Intellectual property rights of the samples remain with SOLIDWORKS. Any confidentiality provisions of the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API license apply to the samples. Some sample code might contain obsolete APIs.

CAUTION: The SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API is a powerful programming tool that, if used incorrectly, could corrupt your data. Only experienced API programmers knowledgeable about SOLIDWORKS document references should use the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API. It is recommended that you create backup copies of files accessed by your application before running the application.

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