Configuring Rules

To configure DFMXpress design rules:

  1. Open a part in SOLIDWORKS.
  2. In the SOLIDWORKS menu bar, click Tools > DFMXpress .
  3. In the DFMXpress pane, click Settings.
  4. Under Manufacturing Process, select a set of rules: Mill/Drill only, Turn with Mill Drill, Sheet metal, or Injection Molding.

    When configuring standard hole sizes, your Manufacturing Process selection does not matter. Standard hole sizes apply to all manufacturing processes.

  5. Under Rule Parameters, set parameter values.
    To reset to default values, click Restore Default Values.
  6. To configure rules for a different manufacturing process, repeat steps 4-5.
  7. To edit standard hole sizes:
    1. Under Standard Hole Sizes, click Edit.
    2. In the Standard Hole Sizes dialog box, select which Validation units to use.
    3. Specify the Validation tolerance.
    4. Depending on the Validation units, edit Standard English sizes, Standard Metric sizes, or both.
      • To exclude a size from validation checks, clear Enabled.
      • To include a size, select Enabled.
      • To add a size, click the empty cell at the bottom of the Diameter column, enter a value, and press Enter.
    5. Click OK.
  8. Do one:
    • To save your changes and close the Settings pane, click Back.
    • To save your changes and validate the part you have open, click Run. See Validating Parts.
    • To save your changes and exit DFMXpress, click Close.