Displaying Part Numbers

A part number can be displayed with your model on 3D ContentCentral. Your customers can search for the model by part number.

To include a part number with the model:

  1. In the design table of the model, create a column with the header $PARTNUMBER.
  2. Under $PARTNUMBER:
    • For single-row design tables, use Microsoft Excel functions such as CONCATENATE to make the value of the cell reflect the model's part number based on values in other columns.
    • For multiple-row design tables, enter a part number for each configuration by typing or using Microsoft Excel functions.
  3. In the Configuration Publisher, add controls, rules, and values.
    On the 3DCC Preview tab, Supplier part number displays the part number of the selected configuration. As you change selections, the part number updates to reflect the current selections.
  4. Click Upload to 3D ContentCentral and click Yes to save the model.
    The software generates a list of part numbers and stores it within the model in a format that is accessible to the 3D ContentCentral software.
    • For models with single-row design tables, a part number is generated for each possible configuration, based on the rules and values you defined in the Configuration Publisher.
    • For models with multiple-row design tables, the list contains the part numbers you entered for each configuration in the design table.
    On 3D ContentCentral:
    • On the Configure & Download page, the part number appears at the bottom of the Configure area and updates as you change selections.
    • You can search for the model by part number or partial part number.