Uploading Models to 3D ContentCentral

You can upload models to 3D ContentCentral directly from the Configuration Publisher dialog box.

On 3D ContentCentral, your end users build the configuration they want using the custom PropertyManager you create. When they download your model, it contains only the configuration they specify.

Before uploading a model, you must have a Supplier Services account on 3D ContentCentral. Supplier Services accounts are free.

To upload a model:

  1. In the Configuration Publisher dialog box, click Upload to 3D ContentCentral.
  2. Click Yes to confirm saving the model.
  3. In the Upload to 3D ContentCentral dialog box, log in to your account and follow the instructions from 3D ContentCentral.
    Your model, including its custom PropertyManager, is uploaded to 3D ContentCentral.