Revision Cloud PropertyManager

Revision cloud is an annotation that lets you create cloud-like shapes in a drawing.

To display this PropertyManager:

  • In a drawing, click Revision Cloud toolbar_revision_cloud.png (Annotation toolbar), or Insert > Annotations > Revision Cloud.

Cloud Shape

Revision_Cloud_Rectangle.png Rectangle  
Revision_Cloud_Ellipse.png Ellipse  
Revision_Cloud_Irregular_Polygon.png Irregular Polygon  
Revision_Cloud_Freehand.png Freehand

Maximum Arc Radius

PM_Radius.gif Maximum Cloud Arc Radius Select: a radius.

Line Style

Use document display
  • Select to use the style and thickness configured in Document Properties > Annotations > Revision Clouds.
  • Clear to set style tools_options_frameleaderstyle.gif or thickness line_thickness.png.

Layer PM_Layer.gif

Applies the revision cloud to the specified drawing layer.