Search Options

Set options for SOLIDWORKS File and Model Search.

To set search options:

Click Options or click Tools > Options. On the System Options tab, click Search.

Search while typing (incremental search) Start the search as you type the search string.
Include 3D Content Central results Search the 3D models that are included in the 3D ContentCentral database.
Results per page Specify the number of documents to be shown on each page of the Task Pane Search Results tab.
Maximum results per data source (independent of 3D ContentCentral) Number of results for a search attempt.
The user cannot specify the number of return results for 3D ContentCentral, which is controlled by the server.

Indexing Performance

Specify when indexing takes place. All locations in the list on the Task Pane Search Results tab are indexed.
Index only when computer is idle Improves performance.
Always index (may slow SOLIDWORKS) Ensures that the search index is always up to date.


Schedule file dissection for Design Clipart. The SOLIDWORKS files you search are dissected to make their components easy to locate and reuse.
Schedule dissection daily to automatically dissect files in search paths Turn dissection on or off.
Daily Start Time Time to begin the scheduled dissection.
Daily Stop Time Time to end the scheduled dissection.
Location Folder to save the dissected files.