Document Properties - Annotations

You can specify document-level drafting settings for all annotations. Available for all document types.

To display this dialog box:

In a drawing, click Options (Standard toolbar), select the Document Properties tab, and then select Annotations.

Overall drafting standard

Overall drafting standard Inherited from the selected Drafting Standard page settings.



Click to modify the font.

Each time you change the annotation font, the document-level font for each annotation type is updated accordingly.


Select the type of arrow displayed when the leader is attached to certain types of geometry.

Edge/vertex Select the arrow type for attaching annotations to an edge or vertex.
Face/Surface Select the arrow type for attaching annotations to a face or surface.
Unattached Select the arrow type for annotations that are not attached.  

Bent leaders

Use bent leaders

Inserts a horizontal bend in the leader that is aligned with the text. Enter the length of the unbent portion of the leader in Leader length.


Leading zeroes
Standard Leading zeroes appear according to the overall drafting standard.
Show Zeroes before decimal points are shown.
Remove Leading zeroes do not appear.
Trailing zeroes
Remove only on zero Trailing zeros are trimmed for whole metric values, conforming to ANSI and ISO standards.
Same as source Trailing zeroes appear according to the ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard.
Show Trailing zeroes are displayed according to the decimal places you specify for Units.
Remove Trailing zeroes do not appear.