Cut List Sorting of Sub-Weldments

Sub-weldment folder structure is retained when you use cut list sorting options.

If two bodies grouped under two different sub-weldment folders become geometrically identical, the software compares and sorts the bodies with bodies under the same sub-weldment folder. The software does not sort and group the bodies under the same cut list folder because this would break the design intent of sub-weldment folders.

This example uses a weldment pattern with a seed Boss-Extrude feature and five instances.
A Cut-Extrude1 feature is added to the seed and a Fillet1 feature is added to instance two.

This illustration shows the Cut list structure before sorting. Note the separate sub-weldment folders, each with multiple cut list item folders.

Sub-weldment3 contains instances one, two, and four.

Sub-weldment4 contains the seed plus instances three and five.

In the FeatureManager design tree, you right-click Cut list and click Cut list sorting options. In the PropertyManager, you select Collect Identical Bodies. Under Faces/Features to Exclude, you select the Cut-Extrude1 and Fillet1 features, then click .

This illustration shows the Cut list structure after sorting.

The patterned bodies are now identical. However, the sorting retains the sub-weldment folder structure. The bodies are compared and sorted under their individual sub-weldment folders.