Using Cut List Sorting Options

You can collect identical bodies and choose faces and features to exclude in sorting. This option collects all bodies in a Cut-List-Item folder that are geometrically identical, but are generated by different features, for example, cylinders that are created by extrude or revolve features, but are identical in volume.

To use cut list sorting:

  1. Open the model.
    In this model, Extrude1 and Revolve1 bodies have the same volume, but appear in separate Cut-List-Item folders.

  2. Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Weldments .
    1. Under Cut list options, select Automatically create cut lists.
      You must enable this option to sort cut lists. You can also right-click the top-level of the Cut list folder and click Create Cut Lists Automatically to enable this option.
    2. Under Cut list options, select Collect identical bodies.
      You can also right-click the top level of the Cut list folder in the FeatureManager design tree, and click Cut List Sorting Options. Under Sorting Options, select Collect Identical Bodies.
  3. Click .
    To preserve the Collect identical bodies option in the Document Properties dialog box, create a template with this option selected. When you create new weldment parts with this template, the software automatically checks for identical bodies in the Cut-List-Item folders.
    Both bodies now appear in the same Cut-List-Item folder.