Multi-jog Leaders

You can use multi-jog leaders in drawings to create leaders with as many bends as required, or to create simple arrows or block diagrams.

For example, a multi-jog leader can point a note to an entity in a drawing that is difficult to reach with a straight or bent leader. Some items to note about multi-jog leaders are as follows:
  • You can attach multi-jog leaders to annotations, sketch entities, or model edges or faces, or you can insert a leader without attaching it to anything.
  • A preview of each segment of the leader appears as you move the pointer.
  • You can add jog points and branches to multi-jog leader segments.
  • You can start a multi-jog leader anywhere on a drawing sheet. You can end a leader anywhere on a drawing sheet by double-clicking. When a leader is not attached to an entity, the arrow at the endpoint follows the Unattached option in Document Properties Annotations. You can manually select a different arrow at the endpoint with a shortcut menu.
  • You can add multi-jog leaders as you create the annotations or after you create them.