Adding a Revision to the Table

To add a revision to the table (add a row):

  1. Click at the bottom left corner of an activated revision table.
    A revision is added to the table with the current date. If there are already revisions in the table, the new revision appears below the last revision and includes the next letter in sequence.
  2. Click to place one or more revision symbols on the drawing. To add a leader, place the symbol on a vertex, edge, or face.
    The symbols are Note annotations.
    An alternate way to insert a row into a revision table is to right-click in the revision table and select Revisions > Add Revision.

You can set an option to invoke the Revision Symbol tool any time you insert a row in a revision table.

In Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings , select Enable symbol when adding new revision. When selected, any time you insert a row in a revision table, the Revision Symbol tool opens so you can insert revision symbols in the drawing. When cleared, the Description column in the new row is activated so you can insert text.

If you are using SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage the revision table, use one of the methods above to insert the placeholder revision row.