Animation Output File Types

You can save animation outputs to new file formats.

New Animation Output Formats Notes
.tiff, .png, or .jpg For still images, you create in the MotionManager.
  • Microsoft AVI file (*.avi)
  • MP4 Video File (*.mp4)
  • Flash Video File (*.flv)
  • Matroska Video File (*.mkv)
  • Series of JPEG (*.jpg)
  • Series of Windows Bitmaps (*.bmp)
  • Series of Truevision Targas (*.tga)
  • Series of Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • Series of Tagged Image File Format (*.tiff)
  • Luxology Scene (*.lxo)
For MotionManager Timeline > Save Animation.
You can select SOLIDWORKS screen or PhotoView 360 as the renderer while saving the output file formats.