Touch Mode

When you use touch gestures, you can work in a more direct way with your content.

  • When you select an entity in the graphics area, the Copy tool appears in the touch toolbar. Turn on the Copy tool and drag the selected entity to copy and move it.
  • Select + drag to move entities. You can touch the entities to select them and then drag your finger to move them.
  • While sketching an entity, if you hold your finger on the screen around an area for some time, the Selection tool appears around your finger. To turn it off, click Tools > Options > System Options > Touch and clear Automatically pop up Selection tool while hunting for precise location. The Selection tool helps in precise selection of vertices, edges, and small faces.
  • Rotate lock turns on when you enter sketch mode and turns off when you exit sketch mode. The Rotate lock tool locks 3D rotate and 2D roll.
  • Icons around the pointer and tooltips are moved to the upper-left side of the pen for right-handed users and upper-right side for left-handed users to solve occlusion problems. The same applies to stylus and touch input methods.
  • When you unpin the Task Pane, tap anywhere in the graphics area to collapse the Task Pane.