Fixed Length Covering PropertyManager

Fixed Length Covering

Options Description
Segments Lists selected segments in the graphics area.
Covering start point Lists the covering start point on the route segment.
Offset Distances Lists the route offset distances between the covering start and endpoints.
Covering distance Lists the covering length.

Covering parameters

Use Covering Library Uses the existing Covering Library.
Create custom covering Creates a custom covering based on your inputs.
Covering type Specifies the type.
Covering Specifies the covering.
Thickness Sets a value for the covering thickness.
Outer Diameter Sets a value for the covering outer diameter.
Material appearance Sets the appearance of the material.
Name Lists the default name for the material you specified. You can edit the name for the covering instance that you create.

Covering Layers

Spinner control Lists the segments and their associated layers. Moves the position of the covering layers inwards or outwards.
Layer Properties Lists the properties of the selected covering instance.