Configuring Routing Components

You can use the Configure Component tool for Routing components with route properties in assemblies when the Routing add-in is enabled.

You must include a component or assembly that has its parameters defined through the Configuration Publisher. For more information, refer to Configuration Publisher.

To configure routing components:

  1. Enable the Routing add-in by clicking Tools > Add-Ins > Routing and selecting the option.
  2. Click Tools > Options > System Options > Routing and select Use configure components to select configuration.
  3. In an existing assembly, do one of the following:
    • Click Insert Components (Assembly toolbar).
    • Drag a component from the Design Library.
    The Configure Component PropertyManager is displayed.
  4. In the Configure Component PropertyManager:
    1. Specify the parameters.
    2. Click .
  5. In the message box, click Yes to save the assembly.
  6. In the Route Properties PropertyManager:
    1. Specify the route properties.
    2. Click to complete the configuration.