Customizing Quantity Column Headers in BOMs

In the header of the quantity column in a BOM, you can show or hide custom text and the configuration name independently.

Document properties are provided to define the header independently for each BOM type (Top-level only, Parts only, and Indented).

You can specify the document properties:
  • In the document template, before you create the drawing or assembly document
  • In the drawing or assembly document, before you create the BOM

To customize headers of quantity columns:

  1. Open a drawing or assembly template or document.
  2. Click Tools > Options > Document Properties.
  3. Under Drafting Standard, expand Tables and click Bill of Materials.
  4. For each type of BOM (Top-level only, Parts only, and Indented), specify these properties:
    Option Description
    Show custom text in BOM header Replaces the default text in the header with text that you enter in Custom text. For a blank header, select this option and leave Custom text empty.
    Show configuration in BOM header Adds the configuration name to the header.
  5. Click OK.
    When you create the BOM, the header of the quantity column is defined by the document properties that you specified.

After you create a BOM, you can edit the header of the quantity column:

  • Right-click the header and click Show all configurations to show or hide the configuration name.
  • Double-click the header to edit the default or custom quantity text.
The following document properties are no longer available:
  • Do not add "QTY" next to configuration name
  • Do not copy QTY column name from template