Using Interference Detection for Multibody Parts

You can use interference detection between bodies in multibody parts. This is helpful when checking that weldments are trimmed properly and before using Simulation tools.

To use interference detection for multibody parts:

  1. Open system_dir:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2019\samples\whatsnew\parts\Main.sldprt.

  2. Click Interference Detection (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Interference Detection.
    In the PropertyManager, the Main.sldprt is listed under Selected Bodies.
  3. In the PropertyManager, click in Excluded Bodies.
  4. In the flyout FeatureManager design tree, select RH .

    RH was inserted with the Insert Part tool. Interference Detection can check or ignore parts and bodies that you inserted with the Insert Part tool. This saves time if you inserted a part containing several bodies.
    In this case, RH will be excluded from the calculation.
  5. In the PropertyManager, under Options, select:
    • Treat coincidence as interference. Includes bodies that share coincident faces as interferences.
    • Make interfering bodies transparent. Displays interfering bodies as transparent.
  6. Under Selected Bodies, click Calculate.
    Ten interferences are listed under Results with the interference value displayed. Interfering bodies are transparent, and Interference1 is highlighted in the graphics area.

  7. Under Results:
    1. Expand Interference1 and click the first instance of Square tube to highlight the interference body in the graphics area.

    2. Double-click Interference1 again to clear the Square tube selection and collapse Interference1 .
    3. Press SHIFT and click Interference1 and Interference4 to select all of the interfering sections of bodies.
      All of the interfering sections of bodies are highlighted.

  8. Click .