Quantity Specification for Manually Created File References

When you create file references manually by using the Paste as Reference command, you can specify a quantity for the referenced files. This quantity is used in the Bill of Materials, Contains, and Where Used tabs when you enable Show in Bill of Materials for the reference.

If you check out the file, you can modify the quantity by using the Edit User Defined File References command. Your change affects future versions of the file but not existing versions.

To specify a quantity for a referenced file when you create the reference:

  1. Right-click the file to be referenced and click Copy.
  2. Check out the file to contain the reference, right-click it, and click Paste as Reference.
  3. In the Create File References dialog box, specify a value in the Quantity column, check Show in Bill of Materials, and click OK.
  4. Check in the file with the reference.

    When you view the file containing the reference in the Bill of Materials or Contains tab, the quantity is displayed.

To modify the quantity of a referenced file:

  1. Check out the file containing the reference.
  2. With the file selected, click the Contains or Where User tab.
  3. Click Custom References .
  4. In the Edit User-Defined References dialog box, modify the value in the Quantity column, and click OK.