Command Line

You can use the AutoCAD command line for SOLIDWORKS PDM source control and workflow commands.

Command Description
CONISIO_LOCK Checks out the active drawing.
CONISIO_UNLOCK Checks in the active drawing.
CONISIO_UPDATECURRENT Updates current title block.
CONISIO_UPDATE Updates all title blocks.
CONISIO_SETTINGS Add-in settings.
CONISIO_EDITXREF Edit selected xref.
CONISIO_LOCKXREF Check out selected xrefs.
CONISIO_UNLOCKXREF Check in selected xrefs.
CONISIO_GETXREFVERSION Get version of selected xref.
CONISIO_GETLATESTXREFS Get latest version of all xrefs.
CONISIO_INSTALL Registers the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in to load in AutoCAD.
CONISIO_UNINSTALL Unregisters the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in from AutoCAD.