Status Window

The status window shows information about the active drawing and its xrefs.

To open this window:

Click Add-in settings and select Show the SOLIDWORKS PDM status window.

Option Description
Has latest xrefs

If selected , the drawing has the latest versions of all xrefs loaded.

If cleared , there are newer versions of xrefs in the vault. Select this option to get the latest version of all checked in xrefs and update the drawing to reflect the changes.

A gray checkmark indicates the add-in does not know if the xref is up-to-date. This can happen when the drawing just opened and the add-in has not yet checked the vault for newer versions.

Is checked out here

If selected , the drawing is checked out by you. Clear to check in the drawing.

If cleared , the drawing is checked in. Select to check out the drawing.

A gray checkmark indicates the drawing is checked out by another user.

Version Shows the currently loaded local version and latest version available in the vault of the drawing.
Refresh Click Refresh to manually refresh information in the status window. This checks the vault for any xref or checked out mode changes. To change the time between each automatic check, click Add-in settings and set Time between checks that all xrefs are up-to-date.