The SOLIDWORKS PDM toolbar is displayed at the top of the Task Pane.

To access the SOLIDWORKS PDM toolbar:

Click the SOLIDWORKS PDM tab of the Task Pane.

These commands are also available from the SOLIDWORKS PDM menu.
Get Latest Version Retrieves the latest version of the file from the archive.
Get Version Retrieves the selected version of the file from the archive. Click the down arrow to display a list of versions and revisions of the file.

If there are cold storage (archived) versions, they are listed under Versions in Cold Storage.

You can restore cold stored files if the files have not been deleted or moved outside of the vault.

Check Out Checks out the file for editing.
Check In Opens the Check In dialog box so that you can check in the file with your changes.

You can choose whether to keep the file open in SOLIDWORKS or close the file.

Change State Changes the workflow state of the file. Click the down arrow to display a list of available options.
Show Properties Displays the file data card for the selected file.
Update Toolbox References (Assemblies only.) With the pre-2010 Toolbox integration, if Toolbox references have been added to the assembly and the parts are not in the vault, you are prompted to add them. Click Update Toolbox References to point the references to the vault. With the 2010 integration, you do not need Update Toolbox References.
Where Used Displays files that refer to the selected file in the File Viewer dialog box. For example, if you select a part, the File Viewer lists assemblies that contain the part.
Select in Windows Explorer

Opens Windows File Explorer in the folder where the selected file is located and preselects the file.

Zoom to Selection SOLIDWORKS command. Zooms to the selected part or subassembly.
Open SOLIDWORKS command. Opens the selected part.
Edit SOLIDWORKS command. Lets you edit the selected part.
History Opens the History dialog box that displays the version history of a file or folder. You can select an event and update the associated comment.

From the History dialog box, you can only:

  • Save a version and specify a file name.
  • Update (rename or delete) labels, and modify comments for state changes and check-ins.
  • Print the history of selected file.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Opens the search tool. Click the down arrow to display a list of shortcuts to the forms and favorites that you have permission to see.